APX Alarm Co Info

June 9, 2008

APX Alarm Company started in 1999 out of Provo, Utah with a mission to protect as many homes as possible and to date has helped secure hundreds of thousands homes in the United States. Quality of service and quality of product has kept them the leader in these respective categories since the company’s inception. APX Alarm Company takes pride in the countless instances that their services, through monitoring and surveillance have prevented theft and home intrusion through out the country for almost a decade.

Costumers are left with an impression that the APX Alarm Company founders are proud of, mainly due to their professionalism and knowledgeable staff. This staff possesses the ability to accommodate even large and unusual tasks. A Utah resident writes…

“Thank you for your consideration and the final decision regarding your acceptance of my preferred option to retain our services/accounts from APX. From my experience as an administrator for a large corporation, I know that such out of policy decisions are challenging and require personal and corporate effort.”

“This is a reflection of the kind of customer service I have come to observe from APX. I will speak well of you and your company to others.”

“I shall find it an easy thing to be patient with you for the two or so weeks until this transfer from SAI is complete.”

“Thanks to you, Vice President Inbar and Ms. Lindsay Grauling for your thoughtfulness in approving and implementing our rather unusual request.“

Customers are pleased with the technical support as well. APX uses techniques that reduce false alarms and make sure that the residents within a home are well educated in the nature of the alarm their home possesses. This gives the peace of mind that so many families deserve in protecting their home. APX Alarm Company has benefited from their stance on quality in service and product with a high rate of return costumer as well as a high referral rate.


I recently purchased a home security system from APX Alarm Company and felt compelled to write a review. Many people may not have heard of APX as they don’t utilize traditional marketing avenues like television, radio and print. Instead they use old school door to door salespeople to sell their goods and services. The person who I met was a young man in his twenties that was extremely polite and friendly.

I wasn’t really interested in an alarm system at the time, at least I hadn’t thought about it lately, but the sales packages they were peddling were convincing. I bought my security system for nothing and only had to pay the monthly monitoring fee of $30.